Spiritual Response Therapy Delivers Spiritual Solutions for Open-Minded People

Janice Puta

Janice Puta, SRA Certified Teacher and Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy

My life purpose is to empower open-minded people to raise their consciousness and to spiritually evolve by sourcing from their Divine Potential.

I engage people in innovative processes to assist them in consciously releasing what no longer works for them, and aligning themselves with what they say they want in life.

I am eager to work with anyone who believes they can BE, do, and have a more prosperous and rewarding life experience, and are willing to do their part to make that happen.

It is a privilege to use Spiritual Response Therapy in my healing and wholeness practice. As a psychic-spiritual healing modality, SRT reaches deep into the self-limiting programming of the subconscious mind, the unresolved trauma carried over from past lives, and the challenges scripted in the Soul Contract for the current life experience.

Because SRT gets at the core of the problem in whatever lifetime, dimension, or universe the challenge occurred, this is one of the most powerful spiritual solutions to heal relationships, improve health, promote prosperity, and be on purpose with one’s life.

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