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I am thrilled to make a contribution in the lives of others that helps empower them to take conscious control of creating their own happiness, health, wealth, and wisdom. May these resources be the tools, techniques, and learning experiences to help you spiritually evolve into higher consciousness and live in a deeper connection with Divine Source.  Janice Puta

Photonic Health Red Light Therapy and Equine Therapy

Effective and pain-free red light therapy for horses and pets offers faster healing without drugs, needles, and invasive procedures. When your companion pets, performance animals, and beloved creatures have a sudden injury, illnesses, or need healing support after professional medical treatment, be there for them immediately with the quickest, easiest, and most effective healing tool.

And it’s not just for your pets and animals. Enjoy the effective and easy results yourself!

“I love getting myself physically aligned and quickly tuned up with the Photonic Red Light. The handbook illustrates the acupuncture points so well that I easily and quickly find what I need to do. Imagine doing a complete virus detox of your bloodstream in 10 minutes! I love it!” (Janice Puta)


  • How the Red Light works at a cellular level,
  • 9 ways Photonic therapy improves healing,
  • Academic Research behind the Red Light,
  • How to get your own Red Light, and so much more.


Ginger Hollow Natural and Organic Soaps and Essential Oils

Natural and Organic Soaps, Essential Oils, Herbal and Aromatherapy Products

Discover the fantastic ingredients in these natural and organic products!

  • Learn the best uses of each handmade soap,
  • the healing and spiritual aspects of the essential oils and oil blends,
  • what’s in a medicine garden,
  • recipes for comforting teas,
  • and how to make your own cost effective laundry soap.

“After personally experiencing these wonderful handmade soaps, I’ll never use a commercially made bar soap or liquid soap again! Join me in supporting the organic, sustainability, and self-sufficiency mission of Ginger Hollow.” (Janice Puta)


 Messages from MATTHEW

Stay informed and learn what  you need to know to spiritually evolve and be on purpose with your life. Read the most accurate and positive, empowering and uplifting information:

  • about life beyond Earth,
  • celestial advice and guidance about what’s really going on behind the scenes in world governments and economies,
  • what’s causing the natural disasters and planetary changes,
  • what the civilizations are like on other planets,
  • why the extraterrestrial visitors are safeguarding Planet Earth and her beings .

Read each monthly message online or subscribe to the free monthly “message” email. Read this month’s “message” online now.

The MATTHEW Books 

  • The MATTHEW Books begin with Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven, which is what the title denotes: life in the wondrous realm where we all go after physical life on Earth ends.
  • The second book, Revelations For A New Era, provides a wealth of history from antiquity forward and cogent messages from representatives of our space brotherhood, vast and powerful civilizations that are helping our planet survive during this time of momentous changes.
  • The third of the series, Illuminations For A New Era, explains why violence, greed and power-mongering have been in human nature for millennia and how they are being replaced by peace, love and harmony.
  • Among other cogent information for this unique time in history, Voices Of The Universe shows how our thoughts, feelings and actions create our lives and our world and simultaneously affect the universe accordingly.
  • In Amusing to Profound: My Conversations with Animals, listen in on the telepathic conversations with dogs, squirrels, deer, llamas, birds, a horse, sea lion, lizard and cricket. Learn the astonishing and amusing things they have said, and discover marvelous glimpses into their hearts and minds.

Read a chapter or excerpts from each book online now!

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Erik Nielsen: Graphic Artist and Web Designer

Erik Nielsen: a graphic artist, web designer, photographer, and marketing specialist with demonstrated success in:
•    Art direction, graphic design and desktop publishing
•    Advertising design & production
•    Web design, management & internet marketing
•    Photography & photo retouching
•    Corporate identity, logo design, and brand management

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