Healing Your Horse with an Energy Assessment and Alignment

Fantastic Benefits for You and Your Horse!

An Energy Assessment and Alignment helps you understand how to give your horses the health, happiness, and harmony they deserve, and you want them to have. Here’s the information and healing results you will receive from an Energy Assessment and Alignment for your horse:

  • Understand how safe and comfortable your horse feels with you or any other caretakers and riders so you can make appropriate changes in the care and contact with your horse.
  • Learn how the negative reactivity between humans and animals is triggered by past life memories and how memories can be cleared for both humans and animals.
  • Identify and clear the core roots in this lifetime or past lives of the fears or trauma that affect your horse, and learn how to protect your horse against danger and abuse.
  • Know what issues or challenges in health or performance your horse is having right now, and how you can resolve them.
  • Identify other animals or humans affecting your horse’s wellbeing, and know what steps to take.
  • Get answers to any personal questions you have about your horse.

Here’s how this works:

  • You send me an email about your horse’s situation and tell me you are interested in an appointment.
  • I’ll respond to you with options for a date and time that works for both of us. This is usually a 60-minute appointment. I’ll mention the current fee for this service and the various ways you can send your payment.
  • At the time of our appointment, I’ll call you if you have a USA phone number. You can ask questions about your horse, and I’ll give you the information you need to understand the energy assessment and alignment for your horse.

Be among the first to know with this fantastic awareness and alignment experience for your horse.

Horse owners find this experience rewarding because:

  • It’s quick and easy to reach me through email.
  • Any hour of the day or night you can submit your request, send me the information I need, and make your payment.
  • The Energy Assessment and Alignment session is comprehensive, yet easy to understand and empowering to participate in.
  • The recording is digital. You will always have a copy of it on your computer when you need it.
  • Use your first session as a baseline for understanding your horse’s holistic needs and appreciating the spiritual presence of your horse in your life.
  • You can type out your own notes from suggestions made during the call. Print out what you need to initiate improvements and track results with your horse.

You may feel that you have the information you need about your horse from your vet, equine chiropractor or dentist. You may even have personal feedback from your horse through an animal communicator or pet psychic. What is priceless is when this information is used to access even the subconscious mind of the animals to bring them into a more complete and lasting recovery.

Donna knew her horse was traumatized during a hail storm. What she didn’t know was that this fear and trauma could be removed with the Energy Assessment and Alignment. Here’s Donna’s story of her horse’s recovery.

This is the most cost effective way to get the improvements in your horse’s health, behavior, and performance that you’ve been looking for. You will be amazed at how such a small investment can bring big rewards for you and your horse!

Imagine how you would feel if your horse picked up negative energy from others, held on to it, and then had issues with those people riding her. Imagine if your own family members refused to ride your horse because of her behavior.

How priceless would it be to have your favorite horse comfortable enough to let people ride her, even if those folks don’t understand their own energy, and how they affect your horse?

Listen to Donna’s story about how the effectiveness of the Energy Assessment and Alignment was still working wonders for her horse three weeks after the energy work.

You may not completely understand how energy assessments and alignments work, but others have found this information and experience to be incredibly accurate and effective.

Here is Bryan’s story of how his gaited mare used to walk quickly as if she was afraid of something, and how she wanted to take the lead on the trail. Only two weeks after the Energy Assessment and Alignment, Bryan has the horse of his dreams.

Horse owners love the way the energy assessment and alignment supplemented and completed the holistic work of their trainers, vets, equine chiropractors and dentists. They now know that doing this energy work for their horses can even save them money in the future by preventing problems before they occur.


Order an Energy Assessment and Alignment for your horse!

Here’s what you do:

  • You send me an email at Janice@OurSpiralJourney.com with the subject line “Schedule an Energy Assessment and Alignment for My Horse!”
  • You look for an email acknowledging I received your request, that I need some basic information about your horse, and I ask you to choose a date and time from my calendar that works for you.
  • You email the information and we set up an appointment.
  • After the call you send me the agreed upon payment for the session.

Send an email to: Janice (at) OurSpiralJourney.com with the subject line “Schedule an Energy Assessment and Alignment for My Horse!”

Replace the (at) with @ and make sure there are no spaces between any of the words and the @ symbol. This address is deliberately modified to avoid spammers.

The Energy Assessment and Alignment session offers you valuable and timely information for your best communication with and most compassionate care of your horse.

Janice uses the psychic-spiritual healing modality called Spiritual Response Therapy to do the Energy Assessment and Alignment with her High Self and your horse’s own spiritual consciousness. This creates a shift in your horse’s attitude, behavior, and relationship with you.

Your part is to implement any recommendations made during the live telephone conference, to refer any serious issues to the appropriate dental and medical professionals you entrust your horse to, and to be mindful of how you are interacting with your horse.

If you follow through with your responsibilities, you will have a more positive experience for yourself and your horse than before the Energy Assessment and Alignment.

Contact Janice at: Janice (at) OurSpiralJourney.com

Don’t Wait Even One More Day!

You and your horse deserve to know what’s really going on inside your horse’s mind and life right now!


Helping You Walk the Path to Healing and Wholeness
Janice M. Puta, BS
SRA Certified Teacher and Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy