Healing Yourself with a “Spa Experience for Your Soul”

This is going to be a valuable experience for you if you are:

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  • Not satisfied with your financial abundance;
  • Looking to improve your career and earning potential;
  • Having difficulty in relationships with your spouse, children, other family members, friends, and co-workers;
  • Looking to improve your health in any way, and reduce your probability of invasive procedures and expensive medications;
  • Wanting to dramatically improve your performance at school and at work;
  • Wondering how to get more quality time into your life for things you really want to do.

I could have called this experience, An Energy Assessment and Alignment – A Personal Tune Up to Recharge Your Life. But that sounds as inspiring and exciting as changing the oil on the car and rotating the tires!

What it does bring to mind, though, is that even our spiritual self needs some regular maintenance. Okay, let’s call it tender loving care – a spa experience for your soul.

Here’s what you will experience during your spa session:

  • iStock_000001142230Medium-smHow to identify and resolve the one mistake that sets you up for stress, fatigue, and feeling like a failure (many people make this mistake, very few know why they’re doing it, and I’ll show you how you can turn it around in zero time);
  • One small step that vastly improves your relationships with the important people in your life (from your in-laws to your boss), makes you feel on top of your life again, gives you back your power (you can do this at the same time you comb your hair);
  • Support for your physical wellness, and what to do to maximize your medical and alternative healing resources (save tons of money and hours of needless misery by applying these easy steps and getting immediate relief);
  • How to deliver dramatic results, rewards, and recognition at school and at work, no matter how difficult it was for you before (this is really going to increase your self-esteem and achieve your dreams quicker and easier with hope and enthusiasm);
  • Why this is not a temporary fix (learn how to get repeatable results where they matter the most to you).

To work with Janice in a private energy assessment and alignment session for yourself, contact her at: Janice (at) OurSpiralJourney.com with the subject line “Let’s Schedule My Spa Experience for My Soul.” Sessions average between 60 and 90 minutes and are available worldwide. Send your questions and request for current fees to: Janice (at) OurSpiralJourney.com

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