Testimonials: What satisfied and grateful clients are saying about spiritual healing for their horses.

What’s your challenge with your horse’s physical body?

For an Arabian with founder:

“Her spirits have improved significantly and are still climbing. When she decides to roll and take her dust bath, on occasion when she gets back up, she jumps straight up in the air, lands on all 4 feet and takes off running!

I watch her with my jaw open – so happy to see how she is using her front feet. We are truly amazed with her progress since your SRT session for her four months ago. Her turn around with just that one session has removed our fears and anxiety about her not pulling thru this bout with founder.

It was a very, very close call. She will be turning 21 in a few more days and we are ever so grateful for her presence, thanks to you, Jan Puta. We are looking forward to celebrating her birthday. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

For a Palomino with digestive issues:

“Thank you Janice for the reading. It was very interesting. I do notice that she is more loving and feels better as well. She requires much energy work – so I appreciate what you did!”

For a Tennessee Walker with wasting disease:

“At the end of the session, the gelding’s will to live was up to 100% and his ability to survive was also up to 100%. Bob was going to pursue a different wormer and get started on the gelding’s healing journey with more confidence and understanding.”

When do your horse’s relationships need a healing intervention?

Imagine how you would feel if your horse picked up negative energy from others, held on to it, and then had issues with those people riding her. Imagine if your own family members refused to ride your horse because of her behavior.

Listen to Donna’s story about how the effectiveness of the Energy Assessment and Alignment was still working wonders for her horse three weeks after the energy work.

What’s the inside story of how your horse feels?

Past life trauma in a Rocky Mountain:

“I have been out to see him several times since your reading. He seems more grounded and trusting. He had a very swollen area on the right side of his body. I did several Photonic Health red light sessions and tonight I used warm packs to the area. I gave him a little massage. He seemed to totally trust me, which I really appreciated.”

How do you deal with your horse’s unexplainable fears?

Donna knew her horse was traumatized during a hail storm. What she didn’t know was that this fear and trauma could be removed with the Energy Assessment and Alignment. Here’s Donna’s story of her horse’s recovery.

Here is Bryan’s story of how his gaited mare used to walk quickly as if she was afraid of something, and how she wanted to take the lead on the trail. Only two weeks after the Energy Assessment and Alignment, Bryan has the horse of his dreams.

I’m here to walk this healing journey with you, so you and your horses can enjoy the soul satisfying companionship you both desire.

Here’s what you do:

  • You send me an email at Janice (at) OurSpiralJourney.com with the subject line “Schedule an Energy Assessment and Alignment for My Horse!”
  • You look for an email acknowledging I received your request, that I need some basic information about your horse, and I ask you to choose a date and time from my calendar that works for you.
  • You email the information and we set up an appointment. I send you all the information you need to connect to the teleconference line to record the call.
  • After the call you send me the agreed upon payment for the session and I send you the mp3 download of the call.

Sessions average between 60 and 90 minutes and are available worldwide. Do it now while you’re thinking about it. Send an email to: Janice (at) OurSpiralJourney.com with the subject line “Schedule an Energy Assessment and Alignment for My Horse!”

Replace the (at) with @ and make sure there are no spaces between any of the words and the @ symbol. This address is deliberately modified to avoid spammers.

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This data is provided for informational purposes only. We make no claims or guarantees that your results will be the same as or better than those illustrated. The names and circumstances of the persons and animals in this information have been changed to protect their privacy and confidentiality.

All testimonials are actual quotations from satisfied and grateful clients. And the horses are happy and grateful too.