Work with Janice Puta, SRA Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Teacher and Consultant

A focus on healing and wholeness is basic to Janice’s passionate service and teaching career. She helps clients reconnect to their Divine Source, revive their courage and gusto to live a prosperous and purposeful life, embrace their inner wisdom, and choose ways to be a blessing in the world.

Janice can support and empower you to:

  • get your life back on track,
  • release yourself from all forms of self-sabotage and ways you’ve been attracting in more of the things you don’t want,
  • clear and remove your inner counter-intentions, unconscious self-limiting beliefs and programming that are preventing you from attaining what you say you want in your life,
  • unlock your full potential and live your life purpose, and so much more.

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Work with Janice Puta, Spiritual Advocate for People and Animals

As a Spiritual Advocate for People and Animals, Janice supports the innate dignity and spiritual connection all beings have in the Divine Plan.

Through Spiritual Response Therapy, she intuitively assesses the physical needs, emotional challenges, and energy blocks of people and their pets.

By bringing each of them into harmony within themselves, she then reaches deeper into the bond between pets and owners for the information and soul satisfying experience they each long for.

Get started now. Now is a good time!